"We should all know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry and that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color."
-- Maya Angelou


We produce and execute innovative and interactive branded entertainment featuring African American influencers amplified with relevant and engaging social media conversation.

We are the leading YouTube Certified African American resource for digital media strategy, creative development, and execution.

Turn to the BSIDE Agency to incorporate diversity into your influencer marketing campaigns and YouTube channel programming needs.


We pride ourselves on creating culturally authentic influencer, experiential, and social media marketing initiatives.
Our services include:
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Video Production
We are YouTube Certified, specializing in YouTube channel optimization, channel management, and channel programming.

BSIDE Agency has joined forces with LA-Based Production Company Quartermain Media for video/film production services and creative development.
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BSIDE Agency is a service provider for creators and influencers of color. Our goal is to help connect you with relevant brands wanting to target your unique audience. We are not a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) or a Talent Management Agency. Our creators and influencers are able to work with anyone. Turn to the BSIDE Agency for creative guidance, monetizing your cultural insights, and optimizing strategic collaborations.



BSIDE Agency helps brands, advertisers, and traditional broadcast and media companies take part in and lead online conversations targeting African American consumers. We elevate your brand messaging with authentic brand integrations that are rooted in tradition and remixed for the now generation. Turn to the BSIDE Agency to enhance your marketing efforts using diverse and talented voices.


"BSIDE Agency has been an amazing resource when it comes to helping frame our strategy on how to approach and work with social influencers of color. Besides being great to work with, the team really understands the market, and we look forward to partnering with them again in the near future!"
--Constance Knight, African American Content Lead for Google/YouTube

OBJECTIVE: KRSHairGroup wanted to engage the hair and beauty trendsetters attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) by rewarding good students with the gift of great hair.

TURN TO THE BSIDE: We identified seven current student YouTubers who attend Spelman, Howard, Hampton, Langston, and Prairie View A&M to feature natural hair clip ins. Each influencer was also tasked with alerting their fans and HBCU students who have achieved a 3.5 GPA for the fall 2017 semester about a $50 discount on KRSHairGroup products.

THE RESULT: KRSHairGroup has successfully introduced their products to a very influential community of students gaining new customers who allow the brand to achieve preference and brand loyalty among HBCU students. This #GoodGradesGreatHair giveaway runs until March 1, 2017.

There is no way I could have received the massive increase in sales as well as gain new/loyal customers for my products without the unique program provided by the BSIDE Agency. My marketing dollars were well spent and I learned more about a niche YouTube community that favors and will support my brand.– Quote from KJ Sandifer, Principal Owner of KRSHairGroup

OBJECTIVE: Internationally known beauty brand, Sephora, wanted to
1. Drive awareness that Sephora carries curly hair care products and brands.
2. Build brand awareness for the curly brands carried by Sephora.
3. Acquire new clients in the Curly Hair category, increasing Sephora’s in-store and online sales.

TURN TO THE BSIDE: The BSIDE Agency identified key beauty authorities for curly, coily, and tightly coiled hair care —@Naptural85, @SunKissAlba, @Luhhsettyxo, and @NaturalMe4C—drove mass awareness on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. They also promoted Sephora as the new home for all of the best curly hair products, with purchase links included in their video descriptions. Additionally, Internet celebrity @LoveBScott spread the word about the campaign to his predominantly African-American female fans and LGBT followers. The campaign concluded with a takeover of Sephora’s SnapChat account by @SunKissAlba.

THE RESULT: The Sephora 360 Curly Hair campaign generated over 500,000 views on YouTube. Products featured included: Madam CJ Walker, DevaCurl, Briogeo, and Bumble & Bumble. The campaign was also picked up by New York Magazine, Refinery 29, and Mic.

OBJECTIVE: The magical and comic geniuses of Disney and Marvel are no strangers to influencer marketing. They wanted to create awareness about the theatrical release of Doctor Strange among the African American gaming community.

TURN TO THE BSIDE: BSIDE Agency teamed up with THAUrban for this promotion and selected RunJDRun to create a gamer video focused on the theme of what it would be like to have time travel powers as a art of a PR initiative. YouTube fans were engaged by the game play and skills of RunJDRun as he traveled back in time to play various old school marvel games. His audience was encouraged to share their own stories of what they would do if they had time travel powers like Doctor Strange

THE RESULT: Disney/Marvel's Doctor Strange debuted at number 1 in the U.S. box office bringing in $85 million domestic US debut ($325 million worldwide)

OBJECTIVE: Global media leader Sony Pictures Entertainment had two goals for the theatrical release of The Magnificent Seven (2016):
1. Drive awareness about The Magnificent Seven
2. Encourage African-Americans to see the film

TURN TO THE BSIDE: In conjunction with Terry Hines & Associates - THAUrban, the BSIDE Agency devised a multi-platform strategy for Sony Pictures. BSIDE engaged 6-member-male-comic-group, Dormtainment, to promote the September 23, 2016 theatrical release of The Magnificent Seven. Dormtainment—who has over 1 million fans across all social media platforms, and appeals to young African-American audiences—hosted a sold out advance screening of the film at the Cinemark 18 in Los Angeles and activated a 4-part Instagram photo series where they went on the hunt for a 7th Dormtainment member using a dedicated #SQUADGOALS hashtag.

THE RESULT: Sony Pictures remake of The Magnificent Seven debuted at number 1 in the U.S. box office, bringing in $35 million in its opening weekend. Online, the Instagram campaign photos generated positive engagement from fans and followers.

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"Not only did BSIDE Agency offer an amazing branding opportunity, it was also easy to contact and communicate with the BSIDE team whenever needed. Everyone was also very friendly!"
-- Crystal L., NaturalMe4C, YouTuber
"BSIDE Agency understands the value and importance of personal relationships. They're ability to connect with influencers on a personal level makes for an efficient and effective campaign for all parties involved."
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- -Nazanin Kavari, YouTube Beauty Guru